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Why you should opt for a real estate buyer's agent

The figure of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent, as the professional who advises, aids and guides the prospective buyer throughout the purchasing process, is gaining momentum in Spain.

Hiring a buyer’s agent means having a person by your side whose goal is to help you find what you really need.

why should you hire a real estate buyer's agent?

The most common factors that lead to hiring a real estate buyer’s agent are lack of time, lack of knowledge, and a restricted budget.

What you achieve by hiring this professional is saving time, saving money, and reducing worries.

Due to the vast amounts of information on and off-line, we often succumb to information overload. In other words, the excess of information that we are exposed to and in which truths and falsehoods are jumbled up, leads to us not knowing which pieces of information reflect reality and which do not.

In this situation, and considering the importance of the decision to purchase a property, it is wise to count on the help of an expert.

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What are the key functions of a buyer’s agent?

Real estate buyer’s agents must get to know their client very well.

To gain this knowledge, they will interview the client to learn about their needs and preferences.

They will then draw up a roadmap where, together with the client, they will mark the short-term and medium-term goals, considering the features that the ideal property should have according to the needs and tastes of the client.

Once the goals of the search are well defined, buyer’s agents get down to work. They will:

  • Search for properties from 100% of the offer, including off-market sales.
  • Select the most suitable properties, considering the needs and preferences of the client.
  • Investigate the property in depth to make sure there are no hidden defects or problems.
  • Investigate the surroundings where the property is located.
  • Once the ideal property has been found, they will negotiate the price and conditions with the seller to get the best deal for their client.
  • Last but not least, they will also advise and aid their client with all the bureaucracy and the process itself.

In order to have complete peace of mind when facing a transaction of this magnitude and significance, one must choose their real estate buyer's agent carefully. Ideally they will have the following features:

  • Always find and propose solutions.
  • Have empathy and be good listeners.
  • Know their local real estate market.
  • Be able to fully assess and understand the client’s needs, preferences and wishes.
  • Be very well connected, in other words work for a strong company that can provide everything you need: lawyers, agreements with financial entities, architects, etc.
  • Be collaborative and a good negotiator, because they don’t sell properties in their portfolio but rather look for the best options and interact with the selling party (agent or owner) to reach an agreement.

At Property Buyers by SOMRIE, we know that the purchase of a home is one of the most important decisions you have to face in your life, and for this reason we have agents who specialize in different areas, and keep subscribing new agreements with companies that offer related services, always with the goal of offering you the best options and living up to your expectations.

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