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Property buyers

Why should you hire a Real Estate Buyers' Agent?

The usual way of buying property has always followed the same system: we look at a number of houses, we like one of them, we view it, we ask about the price and, once we have all the information, we look for a bank to provide us with a mortgage. 

However, things change and in Spain a new way of buying a home has settled in which can save you a lot of time, money and headaches: the Real Estate Buyer's Agent.

A Real Estate Buyer's Agent is an agent who works exclusively for you, the property purchaser, and who not only knows the area you're home hunting in very well but also has specific information on the area which will help you buy at the best possible price.


Where do they search for your dream home? 

Idealista, Pisos.com or Fotocasa advertise many of the properties that are up for sale, however not all the properties on the market are on these real estate websites.

Your Real Estate Buyer's Agent will search through all available real estate websites, property aggregators and private vendors as well as carrying out investigations, asking concierges, real estate agents, property managers, local residents, shopkeepers...

They therefore search though 100% of the market, even finding properties that haven't actually been put up for sale yet. 


What can they do for you? 

  • They will view the properties for you, saving you 70% of the viewings. They will only view the properties that meet your criteria to see whether they may interest you or not, and they will reject those they consider do not meet your needs. 
  • They will only take you to view properties which meet at least 80% of your requirements. 
  • They will patiently advise you instead of trying to sell to you. They have no particular interest in you buying any particular property. They are not salespeople. 


Why will they help you buy in a more efficient manner? 

A Real Estate Buyer's Agent is an expert who knows the market, which means they have very useful information when it comes to negotiating the purchase price, the real price, not the one the owner has decided to ask for depending on their own criteria. A buyer's agent will save you money. 

That's why, if you buy with the assistance of a Property Buyers agent, you will have access to 100% of what's available on the market and you'll be accompanied by an expert in the sector who will always be thinking about you.

If you would like to discover our services and how we can help you buy, download our GUIDE. 

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