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Property buyers

Why is it better to hire one Property Buyer than to talk to ten real estate agents?

You are planning to buy a property in Spain. You might want to spend your holidays, use it as an investment, or planning for retirement. Or a combination of the above.

If you are a conscientious buyer and have done your homework by reading up on the subject online, you know that everyone recommends that you don’t try to do it on your own.

Spain is a wonderful country with lovely properties, but the real estate sector and buying process works differently than in the UK, and it’s important to have someone on your side who represents your interests and helps you avoid the many potential pitfalls.

Most buyers assume that this means working with real estate agents to search for houses, and hiring an English-speaking solicitor to help with the legal matters.

We propose a different, even better solution:

hire a real estate buyer’s agent from PROPERTY BUYERS BY SOMRIE, and get the best of both worlds!

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Real estate buyer’s agent vs. real estate agent:

In Spain, real estate agents will show you properties they have in their portfolio.

Good real estate agents will go out of their way and even reach out to other local agents who are willing to share their commission on the sale.

But they will always represent the vendor, not you, because their commission is a percentage of the selling price, and is paid by the seller.

Moreover, they can never reach 100% of the properties on offer, as some agents will not be willing to collaborate and share their commission, and many owners are not willing to work with real estate agents.

A real estate buyer’s agent from PROPERTY BUYERS BY SOMRIE works differently.

We can reach 100% of the properties available on the market, including the ones offered by owners, banks, all estate agents, and developers.

We are hired and paid by you, the buyer, and therefore represent your interests alone.

We are not interested in you buying any property, at all costs, but rather in you buying exactly the right property for you.

  • If there’s something wrong with the property you’re interested in, we’ll tell you.
  • If the area is not the best for your investment or lifestyle purposes, we’ll tell you.
  • If there are any urban development problems in the area, we’ll tell you!


Real estate buyer’s agent vs. solicitor:

Hiring a solicitor who works independently from the real estate agency or the developer is a very good idea.

They can check the legal status of the property and review all documents and contracts to make sure you are buying a fully legal, sound property, devoid of any potential liabilities.

The good news is that all these services are included in the search package offered by real estate buyer’s agents from PROPERTY BUYERS BY SOMRIE!

Our real estate agents in Spain  will

  • run all documents through our dedicated legal department,
  • hire an independent architect to survey the property, and
  • compile a proper due diligence report on the property you’re interested in.


 All in all, if you hire a buyer’s agent to help you with your property search in Spain, you will have:

  • someone firmly and unequivocally on your side throughout the buying process.
  • someone who saves you tons of time by visiting and filtering potential properties and presenting only the best.
  • a legal and administrative team at your disposal.
  • a single contact person for all aspects of the purchase.


 Would you like to know more? What area of Spain are you looking at?

Come and see us at A PLACE IN THE SUN and save yourself the headache!

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