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Why do companies hire the services of a Real Estate Buyer's Agent?

In a world like that of today, with an ever-increasing amount of property on the market, finding the ideal property can be a real headache. The the first franchise of Real Estate Buyer's Agent, Property Buyers by SOMRIE, has been created to make the hunt easier.

 “We don’t just find houses for private individuals, we also work with companies that need to find homes for their staff. Plus, we hunt for commercial properties, plots of land, offices and houses too.

We always seek the ideal property for each of our clients depending on their needs,” explains Emilio García, a partner of Property Buyers by SOMRIE.

What do companies look for in the services of a Real Estate Buyer's Agent?  




  • Knowledge: they look for a person with deep knowledge of the area they want to open their businesses in, whether there is sufficient flow of people, whether the target public is the one they need and, above all, whether they will be granted the licences they need to open their businesses.
  • Considering their interests: companies look for a person who will always represent their interests and values. And, of course, who will keep the information the companies provide them with confidential.

They look for a trustworthy person who will advise and assist them.

  • Access to 100% of available properties: companies are very interested in the fact that a Personal Property Shopper does not have a portfolio of properties to sell, because this means the shopper will hunt through everything available both to the public and offmarket.

How does a Real Estate Buyer's Agent work to provide a company with the best service? 

It’s very important for this professional to know their client very well

  • They visit their current premises. 
  • They study locations to provide valuable information when it comes to looking for new premises.
  • They locate premises with the help of big data programmes, which provide information on the population.
  • They draw up a report to reveal whether the business is technically viable, covering everything the council’s regulations demand: m2, height, flues, facades.

Case of Success: interview with Enric Jiménez

“Some time ago, the most important textile company in Spain contacted us to ask us to find homes for its workers as it had been having to house them in hotels,” explains Enric Jiménez, founding partner of SOMRIE.


Q: Which services do you provide this company with? 

A: We find them homes depending on each employee’s requirements. Most of them are from abroad, therefore we look for homes for them in or close to Barcelona.

Q: How do you help the employees? 

A: As I said before, most of the employees are not Spanish, so we have to help them obtain their NIE, Social Security and census registration and open a bank account for them.

Q: Why did this company decide to hire you?

A: Procedures are much quicker this way as we take care of everything. That allows them to take care of what’s really important, like their great business.

If you have a business and need a Real Estate Buyer's Agent to help you find what your company needs, we’re going to explain how the process goes after you contact us below.


  • You tell the Personal Property Shopper what you need and what you’re looking for.
  • The professional views all the properties that meet your needs.
  • The Real Estate Buyer's Agent draws up a report on the best properties for you so you can consider them.
  • They arrange visits to the properties you select.
  • Once you decide which one you like, the professional will negotiate the best price for you.
  • And finally, they will advise and assist you with all the paperwork.

If you're interested in finding our more about our services, download our Guidebook and discover all the services we can offer you.   

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