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Property buyers

What is the profile of a British home buyer in Spain?

Who came to visit Property Buyers’ stand at A Place in the Sun?

People who visit A Place in the Sun and take an interest in purchasing property in Spain come from all walks of life, but the profiles we met most often were:

  • mature couples who were looking to purchase their retirement home on a beautiful Spanish coast,
  • families wanting to purchase a holiday house, and
  • people who wanted to buy-to-let and get a good return on their investment.


These people waited to access the A Place in the Sun, London

Fortunately Property Buyers by Somrie agents don’t specialize in a single property type or buyer profile, so we can advise based on each individual persons needs and goals.


What was the most frequently asked question visitors posed?

Location was by far the most oft repeated question.

Everybody loves Spain but most people are not entirely sure where exactly to buy.

Some have it narrowed down to a few towns or a single coastline, but many are not sure which area would best fit their needs.

We always begin by asking about lifestyle, ideal property type and budget, to help determine which areas are most likely to have the right kind of houses at the right price.


Property Buyers, First Agent's Buyers Company in Spain 

What was the biggest fear or concern expressed by potential buyers?

The process of purchasing property in Spain differs from the UK. Laws are different, timings, people involved, contracts…

A common concern was doing something wrong because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the process. People rightfully fear the unknown, especially when so much is at stake!

To make matters worse, in Spain we have considerable differences in laws, procedures and taxes amongst the different autonomous communities; people are often confused and concerned about this.

A Property Buyers agent is a specialist in his or her region, and can walk a potential buyer through all the steps and make the process crystal clear.


How can Property Buyers by SOMRIE’s services help people who want to buy property in Spain?

Our biggest asset and advantage over all other real estate agencies is that we are unequivocally on the buyer’s side, and are neutral in terms of areas and property types.

We don’t try to convince anyone that a specific property type in a specific area is the best deal around just because we are selling it.

With agents all over Spain, we can really take the potential buyer’s wishes into consideration, and give advice based on them.

As for the concern about unknown laws and processes, each of us is specialized in our area and on what’s best for the buyer. This way, the buyer can relax and rely on us with confidence, knowing that we are their shield!

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