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Where are the most profitable places to buy property to rent out?

Are you thinking of buying a house to secure good returns?

At Property Buyers we’re going to analyse the property returns figures in Spain.

According to a study carried out by real estate portal Fotocasa, data on property sales and rentals  revealed that the returns on property in Spain were at 5.4%.

We scrutinise the data to determine which region, city and district are the most profitable in which to buy a property to rent out.

Most profitable autonomous communities 


Source: Expansión


Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia and Madrid wee the most profitable places to buy property to rent out. But let’s have a look at the actual percentages for profitability.

  • Catalonia gives 5.8%.
  • The Valencian Community 5.7%.
  • Murcia 5.6%.
  • Madrid 5.5%.

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Success case Buyer in Barcelona


It’s curious that in just one year, the Valencian Community has gone from sitting in fourth place to become the second most profitable community in all of Spain, even pushing the Canary Islands, which held second place in 2018, down into fifth place.

This report also analyses the profitability of the 20 Spanish municipalities with the most inhabitants.

And which cities are the most profitable ones? 

Hospitalet de Llobregat is the most profitable municipality with returns of 6.3%. It’s followed by Córdoba with 5.6% and Zaragoza with 5.3%.


Source: Fotocasa


Which are the most profitable districts in Spain? 


Source: Fotocasa


The analysis reveals that the most profitable districts in which to buy and rent are: in Madrid, Villaverde which has reached returns of 7% and in Barcelona the most profitable district is Nou Barris, which has reached 5.9%.


Source: Fotocasa


Do you want to buy a property and rent it out? 

To buy a property and then rent it out with as much profit as possible, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of the best professionals.

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