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What are the most Prime areas in Madrid?

Agnes Csomos

One of the greatest attractions of Madrid is the heterogeneity of its neighbourhoods and areas. Whatever you are looking for, whatever your lifestyle, you will find a neighbourhood in Madrid that fits you perfectly. But, which ones are considered the most prime areas of Madrid?

The truth is that in Madrid there are many different prime areas: some central, some less central, and others directly in the outskirts.

Just to define what we mean when we say “prime” area, we are talking about neighbourhoods or areas where most of the houses are large and highly priced, inhabited mostly by upper class people and families.


In the centre of Madrid, within the M30 ring, we have the following prime areas:

"Centro" or the Centre of the Centre


Almost all neighbourhoods just around Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor are considered prime because they’re the most central, traditional and touristic areas, although not all houses are expensive or large. There is a mix of classical buildings with others that are less stately, some more modern; some streets are narrow, some are wider... A true patchwork!

The neighbourhoods that we would call prime are practically all those that make up the Central district (with the exception of Lavapiés): Sol, Palacio, Huertas, Cortes, Justicia, Chueca and Malasaña.


The district of Salamanca with its world famous “Golden Mile” and Calle Serrano is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks about exclusive areas in Madrid. With its classic architecture, lattice structure and combination of wide avenues and narrower streets, it is home to some of the most beautiful buildings and most expensive apartments in the entire city


Within the Salamanca district we have two neighbourhoods (Fuente del Berro and Guindalera) that are not considered entirely prime, but the other four neighbourhoods are very much so: Recoletos, Castellana, Goya and Lista. The first two are the most top, and it is where we can find the aforementioned Golden Mile.



Retiro district also has a mix of more prime and less prime neighbourhoods and areas. The most exclusive (on the same level as Recoletos) is the Jerónimos neighbourhood, which is located between Paseo del Prado and El Parque del Retiro.

The area of ​​Niño Jesús, on the other side of the park, is quite green and very residential, with buildings that, although not of classical architecture, are very spacious and expensive.  Ibiza neighborhood has also become sort of a Prime area due to its proximity to the Retiro Park and the posher neighborhoods of Salamanca.


Vista_de_Chamberí_(Madrid)_01 (1)

Chamberí district has again a big variety of types of streets and houses, but we could say that the entire district is a prime area. The most exclusive neighbourhood within Chamberí is undoubtedly  Almagro, with its mansions and stately apartments. Trafalgar is more bohemian and very popular with its Plaza de Olavide. Arapiles, Gaztambide and Argüelles are possibly the most demanded areas by foreign students. Vallehermoso and Ríos Rosas are more “classic” neighborhoods, more residential.

It is worth mentioning that the Argüelles neighborhood technically does not belong to the Chamberí district but to Moncloa, however, for atmosphere, style and price, it fits better on this list.

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Chamartín district is again very varied. Unlike the areas we have mentioned so far, here we begin to see single-family homes (chalets, villas, detached and semi-detached houses), not just apartments and penthouses.

For example, the El Viso area is a kind of isolated, green and residential oasis, with some of the most exclusive and expensive villas in the center. The Castellana axis between the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and Plaza Castilla, with streets such as Doctor Fleming or Padre Damián, is also quite prime due to the style and price of properties. This area belongs to the Hispanoamérica and Nueva España neighborhoods. Lastly, we have to mention the surroundings of Paseo de la Habana, also in Nueva España, and streets such as Apolonio Morales, with a mixture of chalets and gated communities with swimming pools.


Just outside of the M30 ring-road, we continue to find prime areas in Madrid, but now somewhat quieter and more residential.

To the east we have the surroundings of Arturo Soria street, with both single-family and multi-family houses, and the highly demanded area of ​​"Parque del Conde de Orgaz" which has, above all, large semi-detached and independent chalets, with large plots and lots of privacy.

Towards the northwest we cannot forget about the Puerta de Hierro residential area. This area also has large plots with enormous chalets, much more classic and traditional than Conde de Orgaz.


The following areas that we are going to mention are already a bit on the outskirts of Madrid. Families who live here are more car-dependent, and tend to want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the centre.


In the north, we have the gated community of La Moraleja: pure, classic prime area. In the deepest and most exclusive part of La Moraleja there are plots of over 5000m² with chalets larger than 1000m², however, the part called Soto has more residential complexes with closed multi-family buildings, swimming pools and common green areas.

Although La Moraleja is the best known, in the north of Madrid there are other very exclusive and prime gated communities, such as Fuente del Fresno or Ciudalcampo.

In the northwest of Madrid, we find again several prime areas:

In order from closest to furthest from Madrid, we would have the Valdemarín and Aravaca areas, then the towns of Pozuelo de Alarcón , Majadahonda and Boadilla del Monte.

Valdemarín and Aravaca have both single and multi-family homes mostly within gated communities, and have the advantage of being very close to Madrid and very well connected by a main highway (A6).

In Pozuelo there is an old town-center, and then several more modern residential areas made up of individual chalets, mostly closed and guarded. The most famous community is that of La Finca, with breathtaking houses, very modern, where many owners are from the world of entertainment and sports. Somosaguas, although less elitist, is also a very prime area with spectacular houses and large plots.

In Boadilla, the best-known gated communities are Montepríncipe and Las Lomas.


As you can see, Madrid has prime areas for all tastes, from spacious apartments in classic buildings in the bustling center, to very spacious houses with a lot of privacy, in the middle of nature, on the outskirts. If you want to know more details about any of these areas, or what you can buy in each of them, do not hesitate to contact us!

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