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Property buyers

The secret to finding your dream home. It's not what you imagine

Monica Stefanescu, Real Estate Personal Shopper

More than 90% of people looking to buy a property do so through real estate portals.

In fact, you are probably using them too. And that's great.

I still remember when, to look for a property, you needed a newspaper, paper, a pen and time to call each owner or real estate agency one by one.

All without seeing a single photo. Just a brief description and the price.

Now, from your mobile phone or computer, you can see dozens of images of the house you like, including videos.

You fill out a form and, with a bit of luck, they call you to arrange a visit in a few days.

The question is, if everything is so easy, why does it take much more effort than before to find a home that really fits what you are looking for?

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Hello! I'm Monica Stefanescu, professional Real Estate Personal Shopper in Mijas Costa.

I will try to answer that and other questions related to the house search.

If you want to know more about me and my story you can do it from here

Plus, if you stick around until the end, I will tell you what thousands of buyers around the world are doing to find the home of their dreams, without all the hassle.

The adventure of finding a home on the internet today

Owners and real estate agencies advertise their properties on the internet.

Most of them use real estate portals such as Idealista, Fotocasa or Habitaclia, among many others.

All the properties in the same place, sometimes repeated, with different prices, different photos, even with different sizes.

A bit chaotic, isn’t that, right?

Not to mention that most real estate agencies have their own list of buyers, to whom they regularly send their new exclusive listings.

Those buyers will visit properties that will never be advertised because they end up being sold before. Properties that are much closer to what we are all looking for: good, beautiful and well priced.

If we add to this the indisputable fact that most agencies work for the owner (something normal since they are the ones paying their fees) and must defend their interests, in the end the buying party is the one that usually feels a bit... abandoned.

This is why, although the internet has facilitated access to information, it is still difficult to find a property that matches your preferences.

And, just when you think you have found the ideal one, you realise that there are 10 other buyers like you who have also seen it and before you know it, is gone!

When that happens once, or twice, then you accept it and move on.

But when you've been searching for months and you don't get anything, either you give up, or you end up settling for something similar to what you dreamed of when you started.

And the story does not end there.

Who defends your interests when buying a home?

A professional real estate agency will ensure compliance with the rights and obligations of both parties.

But the reality is that the client of most agencies is the seller, not the buyer.

He is the one who hires the agency and who will pay his fees when the property is sold.

And if you do not hire an agency for the sale and decide to do it as an individual, have no doubt that their interests will always be ahead of yours.

Although it does not sound very good, I think it is something natural and understandable. You would do the same.

The bad news is that if you decide to look for a home on your own, that is the reality you are going to find yourself with.

The good news is that, for some time now, you have had an alternative: hire a professional who works exclusively for you and who defends your interests as a buyer.

This figure is known as Real Estate Personal Shopper, and is changing the lives of thousands of buyers around the world.

I'll tell you why.

Benefits of working with a Real Estate Personal Shopper

You will think I'm trying to sell you my service. And, in part, you are right. But not for the reason you think.

If I decided to become a Real Estate Personal Shopper, it is precisely because I was on the other side, selling properties.

 The short story is that I managed a new construction development and the clients who came to visit it almost always came from real estate agencies.

And you know what?

A high percentage did not know what they were coming to see, or what they found did not respond to their clients needs at all.

They were uninformed.

I realised that very few professionals spent time informing and advising their buying clients.

Today, after having helped national and international buyers to find their new home, I can tell you openly about all the benefits of working with a Real Estate Personal Shopper.

Benefits like these:


A Real Estate Personal Shopper searches for homes for you, visits them for you and only shows you those that really fit what you are looking for.

 In my case, I only take my clients to see properties that match at least 80% of what they want.

Imagine what you could do with all those hours you spend on the internet and visiting properties that don't even look like the ones in the photos.

Access to the best offers

Because while most are looking for properties on real estate portals, or many different agencies that cannot even remember which is which, a Real Estate Personal Shopper has agreements with the best professionals in the area, is actively searching the streets and has access to properties that are not advertised.

Remember, the good, beautiful and well-priced ones, in many cases, do not get to be advertised.


My job as a Real Estate Personal Shopper is not just about finding good opportunities.

I make sure they are in good condition, that the price is right and that there is nothing out of place or legally wrong that you later have to regret.

Did you know that 1 in 5 individuals looking for a new home on their own end up regretting their choice in the months following the purchase?

Services, services and more services

Because a Real Estate Personal Shopper visits the properties for you, is in charge of gathering and checking the legal documentation, negotiating the price and, if you need it, helps you with the mortgage and even obtaining your NIE in Spain if you are a foreigner.

But also takes care of other more complex procedures, especially in cases where the buyer lives abroad and cannot travel regularly.

To conclude

I told you what I do because I want you to know that there are professionals who are exclusively dedicated to helping you buy.

It is likely that you have just started searching and have not experienced any of the situations you have just read about.

Or maybe you've been doing it for a while and you think you're doing something wrong.

Whatever your case is, I am sure that a Real Estate Personal Shopper can help you.

If you have any doubts, you can write to my personal email from here.

And if you would like to receive information about the real estate market, advice for national and foreign buyers, and stop searching like everyone else, join my list of friends.

If you want to know more about my services and prefer that I call you, fill out  the form

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