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Advantages of buying an urban land and build a prefab house

Home prices in Mallorca and Ibiza, do not stop evolving upwards, and in a short and medium term it does not seem that there is going to be a change of trend.

This implies that the economic effort that must be made by those interested in acquiring or changing residence is becoming bigger as salaries do not increase in the same way.

It is worrisome the direct consequence that this will cause in the medium term, as anybody can guess that only the most privileged will be able to have a home in property, leaving for the rest, only the option to rent or worse to share a home .

For some time now, I have been thinking that the alternative, may be to avoid the packs of houses already built or those that have land and houses. Normally these options have been thought by another person for their particular interest and not for ours, so we will be paying for something that doesn´t fulfil completely our interests.


And the alternative I consider to be interesting and still with quite a lot of possibilities, is to acquire an urban land and incorporate a prefabricated house that really adapts to our current needs. Doing this, we would adjust the cost of housing in general and we would have a greater satisfaction, which is what it is all about and the illusion of creating your own home and adapting it to your dreams or projects.

Define your budget, think about the type of housing you need, the area and few more details and ask your Real Estate Personal Shopper to do the rest!

He or She will find a piece of land that, without necessarily being the first beach line, will provide you with enough space, to enjoy beautiful moments in the sun or under the stars. And he will also look for companies you'll design your home with.

You will be able to get all this, for much less money than what flat renovation costs in Palma.

For you to get an idea, grosso modo, 160.000€  for the land, plus 60.000€  for the prefabricated home, and another 30.000€  for taxes, licenses, and unexpected things, …, so for around 250.000€ you will own a  property that suits you and with the plus of living at your ease.

I like the sentence that says “those who adapt to circumstances thrive or survive”, and to our deep regret the circumstances are changing, so it is necessary for us to adapt and get out of the established, when thinking to buy a property in Mallorca.

Currently I am immersed in a project of this style and I can tell you the advantages this type of housing have.


  • One of the most important one is their lowest price. It is estimated that its cost is between 22% and 34% cheaper than a conventional house.
  • The shorter processing time is also remarkable. As they are partly built in pieces at the factory, and they use industrial processing techniques and processes that are much shorter than to the common tasks needed to build a house.
  • Less amount of administrative procedures, what requires building a house of these characteristics.
  • More respectful with the environment, being manufactured with recycled materials, or with less environmentally harmful processes.

It is only a matter of small mentality change, to get some advantages, that otherwise will not be offered.

Cheer up!  Property Buyer´s team will advise you with any doubt you may have and they will coordinate what you need to help you with the whole process.

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