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Property buyers

Ten reasons why clients choose to hire us

Property Buyers by SomRIE

A Real Estate Personal Shopper or Buyer's Agent not only views houses and helps you buy: our most important job is to analyse the market, know what your needs are, analyse your financials to make sure your budget will suffice for what / where you want to buy, negotiate the price with the seller and make sure that you buy with total safety – all so that you never regret your purchasing decision.

Therefore, your Real Estate Personal Shopper helps you save time, money and hassle. There are many reasons for hiring our services, but our clients have rated the following 10 as the most important:

  • Off-market properties: we can show you houses and apartments that are not publicly listed, which we have access to thanks to our wide network of contacts. These homes are difficult to have access to if you’re looking on your own.
  • Time-saving with the pre-viewings: we save 70% of the viewings that a buyer normally makes when buying alone.
  • Legal and technical due diligence: we review all the legal documentation, the earnest money contract, the title deeds, the extract from the Registry, the Statutes of the community of owners; we also survey the state of the installations, checking for cracks, dampness, failed ITE reports, etc.
  • Price negotiation: we negotiate to get the lowest price possible for your purchase; we position ourselves as the buyer’s representative, not a middleman.
  • Search for the best financing: we offer the best mortgage options, allowing for a potentially higher budget with the same funds, and payment plans that are adapted to your needs.
  • Local expertise: not knowing the city you are going to live in creates insecurity and uncertainty. Our professional agents know their local areas very well and will advise you to help you find a neighbourhood and house type that really fits your needs.
  • Privacy: some of our clients would prefer to keep their identities private until the last minute (elite athletes, actresses, TV hosts). This is both for privacy and to stop sellers from artificially inflating the price.
  • Access to 100% of the offer: we do not have a portfolio of properties to sell, but can access any and all properties on the market, be they offered directly by owners, by real estate agents, lawyers, property managers, etc.
  • Unnecessary visits during the COVID-19 pandemic: due to the current situation, some of our clients prefer to avoid going out to view houses as much as possible. Since we go and pre-view the properties, we will filter out the ones that are anyway not a good match, and our client has to visit personally only the 1-2 shortlisted properties.
  • Clients not satisfied with traditional real estate agencies: some of our clients are not satisfied with the service provided to buyers by traditional real estate agencies, since they have to view many homes from the agent’s portfolio that don’t really match their needs, and after discarding the properties the agent has to sell, they don’t receive much follow up or help.

If you really want to find that ideal home or that great investment, and buy it with peace of mind and safety, hire a Real Estate Personal Shopper form Property Buyers by SomRIE.

We want to help you buy your dream home!


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