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Property buyers

What is the average price per square metre in each autonomous community?

One of the things we must consider when we're going to buy a property is its square metres. Therefore, at Property Buyers by SOMRIE we've decided to carry out an in-depth analysis on this very important matter when it comes to buying a property.


Why 2019 is the best year to buy property

It's been one of the best moments to buy property since 2017. With the financial crisis over, although not everyone is interested in buying a home, the truth is that many have wondered when's the best time to buy and that isn't always an easy question to answer.



This is the various types you might be interested in. This is an ideal region where the natural beauty is still left in place with a lot of the areas protected, but are still accessible, the region of Murcia is the opportunity to become your own boss and start up your own business.


Why is it better to hire one Property Buyer than to talk to ten real estate agents?

You are planning to buy a property in Spain. You might want to spend your holidays, use it as an investment, or planning for retirement. Or a combination of the above.


Discover the best areas to disconnect on the coast

Disconnecting from work is fundamental to our quality of life. The mind needs to relax, to change its activities and thoughts in order to reduce the stress level and perform better on a day to day basis. In addition, enjoying our free time with family, friends or hobbies is necessary to have a good mood.

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Ideal places to relax after work

Do you watch TV while you're still answering the email? Are you with your family on the beach and do not stop thinking about the numbers of your company? Having free time is not always synonymous of rest. Therefore, learning to disconnect and relax after work is essential so that the stress and the pressure of work does not affect our personal well-being.

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How do I organize my workday?

Do you have the feeling that you do not have enough time to complete all your tasks? An efficient organization of the working day in order take full advantage of the hours we dedicated to work is key so that we do not have to continue working at home. Knowing how to adapt ourselves to the available time at work is fundamental to improve the efficiency of work, both individual and in the team, and to make a better distribution of tasks and resources. In addition, with a better organization, last-minute pressures caused by deadlines can be avoided.

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Learn how to delegate effectively at work

Being in charge of a team and having the responsibility of the viability of the company is a difficult task in which you are almost never convinced that you are doing the right thing. However, delegating the work and making certain decisions is fundamental to ensure the viability of the company; do you imagine being able to get new customers while you are answering the phone or managing the communication?

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