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Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, has a consolidated real estate market. It has an active local market, and is one of the preferred islands for investors, for those who buy a second residence and for tourists.

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What to do when the sun goes down? Nightlife on the Costa del Sol


Thousands of people visit the Costa del Sol each year in search of its beaches, but when the sun goes down, the nightlife offer does not leave anyone indifferent. Exclusive parties, walks by the sea, concerts and dinners on the seafront ... Discover the wide variety of activities that can be done to enjoy the nights on the Malaga coast.

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  • Costa del sol

The 10 best beaches on the Costa del Sol

If the Costa del Sol is known for something, it is for the quality of its beaches, the good atmosphere and the multitude of services offered to anyone who wants to spend a few pleasant and relaxed days in its sandy beaches.

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Discover the ideal place to live on the coast of Malaga

The coast of Malaga is one of those places that can be called an earthly paradise. If you had doubts about whether Spain had also that, now you can be sure: in Malaga you can find it. Paradise beaches where you can take a bath even when it is getting dark, leisure and cultural offers that have nothing to envy to those of the great European cultural capitals, are only a part of what the coast of Malaga has to offer.

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