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Sevilla, probably the most beautiful city in Spain

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“Sevilla, so famous, so unknown”. Sevilla is promoting itself with this catchy sentence and I find it very accurate. I have traveled around the world and must say not many people knew about Sevilla a few years ago, but this is changing so much that I want to give you two clear

Last year, the prestigious travel magazine “Wanderlust” named Sevilla the second favorite destination in Europe for tourism.

Also, The New York Times called Sevilla one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So it seems Sevilla is getting to be very famous all over the world.

Sevilla has history, tradition, monuments, and good weather, among many other things that you can discover if you come and visit.


The famous writer Ken Follet wrote about Seville, and was totally right, when he was interviewed and said: “Seville was in the XVI century the most prosperous and important city of Spain” but it was not only that, in 1649, many experts agree that Sevilla was the economic capital of the world. Nowadays, if you walk around the city you can see beautiful buildings all over, look up when you walk the streets and you will find out about the greatness of that era.


Sevilla has a big fair in April where people dress with typical flamenco dresses, dance, eat, drink and socialize in a party full of life and color.

In spring also takes place the holy week, a tradition that dates from the roman age, and it is a breathtaking show that happens on the streets of Seville.

Sevilla has a very prestigious bullfighting ring called “La Maestranza” where “toreros” get in front of the bulls since 1763.

Juan Belmonte

Monument to Juan Belmonte, el Altozano, Triana

In Sevilla takes place “La bienal del flamenco” which is the greatest flamenco show in the world, flamenco is a big part of the Sevillian traditions.


Sevilla is full of churches and beautiful sights, but there are places not to be missed.



The cathedral of Sevilla, the biggest gothic church in the world, with its beautiful Giralda tower. Next to Guadalquivir river, you find the Triana neighborhood a great place for “tapas” and the Golden tower. The Alcazar, a breathtaking moorish palace with beautiful gardens. The white narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz and the Plaza de España, built during the Ibero-American Exhibition in 1492 by the famous architect Anibal González; this last one was used as a background for one of the famous Star Wars movies ¿Can you guess which one?

Good weather

Sevilla´s life happens on the streets, this city is full of tapas bars, gardens and not to forget the river walk. The city´s mediterranean climate is quite mild and blue skies and sunshine are guaranteed all year round.

There's another good thing to enjoy Andalucia's climate: the nearest beach is only an hour away, and in approximately two hours you can go skiing in Sierra Nevada.

To finish this article, I quote Antonio Gala, a great Spanish poet who said: "lo malo no es que los sevillanos piensen que tienen la ciudad más bonita del mundo...lo peor es que puede que tengan hasta razón”. So if you do not understand what it means, come to Sevilla and find out.

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