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Property buyers

Safety and transparency with a real estate personal shopper

Purchasing a house or apartment is no easy task. The real estate industry in Spain is complicated. It’s good to have professional advice from someone who’s on your side, to give you -the buyer- some safety and transparency.

Which is why at Property Buyers by SOMRIE we are real estate personal shoppers, and defend only one party: the buyer. What this gives our clients is precisely that much needed safety and transparency.

So, is it actually possible to make a safe and transparent purchase?

Yes it is, and we’ll tell you how.

Make the purchase an easy, clear and exciting process

We are your eyes and ears throughout the whole process. It is all based on a good relationship between personal shopper and client, and a common goal: buying the best property according to your needs and wishes.

We also take care of all the paperwork until the very end, to make sure everything goes smoothly and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We give you something to look forward to, some peace of mind, and guarantee that you’ll reach your goal with the satisfaction of knowing that you made the right choice.

Still not quite convinced? Keep reading.

The phases of our work

Our work has very clearly defined phases, which must be strictly followed to make sure the purchase is done safely and is free from nasty surprises.

  • Interview with the client: it all starts with an interview with you, the buyer, to help us understand your needs and wishes; this way it becomes easier, faster and more efficient for both of us.
  • Searching and filtering of properties: we seek out properties that fit your needs. We use our critical expertise and knowledge of our local real estate market, look at 100% of the offer available, and don’t stop until we find the right fit for you.
In our past clients’ experience, we can save up to 70% of the time it would take them, as inexperienced solo buyers, to look for and view houses.

  • Analysis and report on the properties: we present you with a shortlist of the best properties, with details and unbiased assessments, and organize the viewings for you.
  • Negotiation: when you have decided on a certain property, we negotiate with the selling party to get the lowest price possible, and the best closing conditions for you.
  • Due diligence: we make the necessary technical and legal inquiries to make sure you are buying with guarantees.
  • Administration: time for some paperwork. We review and check everything that you need to sign; once again to make sure you can sign the deeds with peace of mind.

In other words, we are with you from the beginning to the very end of the purchasing process.


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