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Reasons to invest in Murcia

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You are getting more for your money!

We have over 300 days of sunshine a year.

We have 7 universities located within 150 km. We have 1 of the world’s 5 holy cities.

We received the 3 largest investments ever made in Spain (Sabic and Repsol and Amazon).

Murcia region is also generating energy from multiple renewable sources, in regards to infrastructures, has one of the most important ports in the country and a complete network of roads, highways and freeways allowing fast and safe traveling, not to mention a high-speed train connection and three international airports within 45 minutes!

  • Murcia is the only Spanish region with a specialized investment unit (UNAI) which is required by law to inform investors on project eligibility within 48 hours.
  • With only 2.2% of the country’s territory, we produce 20% of national food exports
  • We transfer 14 million passengers.
By law, we are the only Region in Spain with Fast Track for Investments


To invest the gross profitability of the purchase of a house that was in the rental market stood in Murcia at 7.5% in the first quarter of 2020, the second highest figure recorded by Spanish capitals.

The profitability of the purchase of a home that is in the rental market has grown during the second quarter of 2020 to 8.2%, in full lock down.

The real estate market in Murcia faces a phase of consolidation after the strong recovery experienced, so that it has reached returns (rental plus revaluation of the house) of a much higher profitability than 10% in some areas.

Research confirms that a happy worker is a productive worker. Our region has everything needed to make people feel happy: good work environment, great temperature, gorgeous nature, excellent food, concerts…you name it.

Low Crime Index.

Safe environment that offers peace of mind.

High Life Expectancy.

Access to health care and live longer.

Eat Well: Fresh products + gourmet tapas with less costs.

Low Cost of Living.

Since Covid has been a terrible thing to happen to us, it has given people time to realize their dreams, there is a big move towards country homes and property with outside space.

Live better, Build bigger, Pay less!

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