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Purchasing an apartment in Madrid – Success story

As years go by, life keeps changing, and so do our needs and wishes. That’s exactly what happened to Ana and her family.

Today we bring you her story; from the moment she contacted Agnes Csomos, real estate buyer’s agent with Property Buyers by Somrie, until the moment she purchased her ideal home.

Ana’s family doesn’t live in Madrid, but she came to this city to work a few years ago. She was renting an apartment, but she really wanted to own a place she could call her own.

Her ideal place had to have 2 bedrooms, as much natural light as possible, and be located in a building with a lift, close to Plaza de Castilla.

At first she tried to search on her own, but as any young professional who work full time she was living in constant stress, and had very little time to dedicate to her search. “I basically wasted 5 months and had no luck at all”, she says.

“I could only view properties after work, at 8 or 9pm, so I was always the last one to arrive”. So, after several missed opportunities and failed attempts, she decided to seek professional help.

At Property Buyers by Somrie we value our customers’ opinions, and like to get feedback about our services. Thus we asked Ana to tell us about her experience with us, first hand.

Ana, how did you choose Property Buyers by Somrie?

“A good friend of mine had used Property Buyers’ services to buy her apartment in Málaga. She was super happy and told me about her great experience, plus she was in a similar situation as myself –working long hours, alone in the city and far away from her family-, so I decided to get in touch with the Madrid office.”

What part of the service offered the greatest value to you personally?

My agent, Agnes, shared with me her insights and professional evaluation for many different properties, and helped me to understand why I hadn’t been able to find what I was looking for until now. All the information about properties she selected and viewed was shared with me and with my family through a cloud drive, making it very easy to give feedback and keep my family in the loop. Thanks to the photos and videos she made, I felt like I was viewing the apartments myself, but without moving from my desk – helping me to optimize my time.

Were the services offered by Agnes up to your expectations, then?

Absolutely. Even above my expectations, because we found the ideal property just 20 days after having signed the contract. An apartment that had everything I needed, was within my budget, and just 10 minutes walking from Plaza de Castilla. It was a huge surprise!

Without her guidance and advice I am pretty sure I would not have been able to buy this place, mainly because I would have missed it entirely. In fact, I know she had to insist a lot to get a hold of the owners, so I think that if I am living here today, it’s thanks to her perseverance.

Would you hire her again, or would you recommend Property Buyer’s services to other people?

Of course! Nowadays, so many of us are living in a different city to where we grew up, and it’s so complicated to find a place for ourselves. Scams, false ads… so many things that waste our time, and time is so precious in the 21st century.

So yes, I tell all my friends to get in touch with Property Buyers by Somrie if they are thinking about buying, because it is the best investment I have ever made, besides the apartment itself!

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