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Purchase packs with guarantee Property Buyers by SomRIE

Have you found the home you want to buy, but you are not sure if you are buying at the right price? Are you afraid that legal problems may arise in the purchase?

Don't worry anymore, at Property Buyers by SomRIE we have launched some purchase packs with guarantee, so that our professionals team reviews all the documentation and makes sure everything is correct, before you make the purchase decision.

If you are interested in knowing what these packs consist of, continue reading.

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  • Home valuation: we work with a Data base program to offer you a real valuation of whether the purchase price you are paying is the right market price.
  • Review of contracts: we help you review the contracts to verify that everything you are going to sign is correct.
  • Document review: we check all document so that the purchase is made with all the correct guarantees.
  • Technical report: we make a technical report with a professional in their field so that there are no hidden faults that may course you structural problems in the future.
  • Notary assistance: we accompany you on the day of signing so that your purchase documents are correct, and you fully understand what you are signing, we are given you that reassurance.


We carry out all the aforementioned, in addition, in this pack we add:

  • Deep cleaning of the property: we are still emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic and, therefore, at Property Buyers by SomRIE we see it necessary to offer this service so that when you enter to live in your new home, you do so with maximum security.
  • Name changes: we help you with changes of ownership. For example, utility bills.


The most complete pack of the three, includes the aforementioned the basic, standard and, in addition:

  • Mortgage search: do you need a mortgage? We help you find the mortgage that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Proposal for renovation and reforming: we are there to guide you with the right Architect and permission’s when reforming your home, building and decorating
  • Warranty Insurance (10 years): it is the most effective way of knowing that if any problem that may arise in the home buying process or in subsequent years, we have you covered.
  • Legal document management: it is a service especially for foreigners, since issues such as the NIE, Social Security ... documents necessary to buy a home in Spain are managed.

Differences between Real Estate Personal Shopper services and Purchase Packs

Basically, with each of the services, when the client comes with an already chosen home, it can take between two and three weeks to complete the entire process.

However, when the Real Estate Personal Shopper service is contracted, it takes between two and three months, since it is necessary to start searching among 100% of the market (including property that is being sold privately, we make reports, check that everything is correct and negotiate with the seller of the property.

For this reason, the purchase packs with Property Buyers by SomRIE guarantee are aimed at people who have already seen, and liked a property, before putting your deposit down and signing your purchase contract, you need us to check this entire operation before you complete.

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