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Property market in spain when covid19 is over

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After such a difficult time for you all. I sense a lot of people will be revaluating where you want your life to go.

No longer wanting to wait till you retire to embrace your dream?

Always wanted to be your own Boss taking control of your LIFE?

Looking to change your lifestyle?

There will be opportunities for you within the Spanish property market when Covid19 is over and let me recommend Murcia as a location for you to consider, this area is prime for you to invest in a property whether it is a family home, holiday residence, investment or business.

It´s interesting to note how sellers are, expecting the market to stay frozen for more than six months. That might make them more motivated to accept an aggressive offer.

Prices are going to fall significantly as a result of the Coronavirus

We are on the ground working through all the pros and cons when buying a property.

Even down to getting a mortgage in place again as this is a great time to invest with the way the current market is.

Bargains will appear. In times of crisis people need cash to meet obligations and have to liquidate their assets at any price they can get.

Given that almost everyone is expecting Spanish second-home prices to fall either a lot or a little, we can be confident that’s exactly what will happen.

But it’s also a passing crisis, as things eventually begin to normalize, things will pick up again,

Property is a tangible asset that can be used or can provide a return, even in a worst-case scenario. Homes can be rented out, generating income for the present and value for the future.

Investing in property, whether it’s a main residence, second home or business, buys you something that exists whether the market rises or falls, is a solid investment especially over time.

Once life returns to normal, the Region of Murcia will remain a great place to live and spend time for those lucky enough to own property here.

The area of Murcia has an amazing selection of property from detached country houses, village houses or coastal property, now is the time, to invest as house prices are going to be at a more competitive prices as well as an excellent rate for mortgages.

We are here to put you on the path to finding your new investment

We do all the traveling and foot work, so you don’t need to leave home, ensuring your safety, only when the time to view, leaving the rest to us.

You are one trip away from living the reality.

Real Estate and Property Investment Consultants.

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