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Property buyers

Personal shoppers help you buy a house on the Spanish coast

We are specialists in advising property purchasers on the spanish coasts.

As Personal Property Shopper, we understand that the purchase process is not simple, hence we are committed to facilitate the operation to buy a house on the spanish coast, being the purchaser spanish or foreign.

You will find us at A Place In The Sun (London). Would you like to come?

a place in the sun tickets property buyers

If you would like to own a house in the Balearic Islands,  Canary Islands, Costa del Sol, Costa de Almeria, Costa Brava or Costa Vasca, we recommend you consult our services as Personal Property Shoppers.

 From the 11th - 13th of May we will be present in Place In The Sun live 2018 house A.

The largest real estate fair in Europe dedicated to the second home market, in which you will find a special sellection and offers of spanish homes.

 If you are interested in coming, please accept the invitations you require.


The Personal Property Shopper will accompany you through the property purchase process reviewing the best offers of the real estate market, published or not on internet.

 Not will we help you find the ideal property, we will also represent your negotiations with the seller, the administrative paperwork, the preparation of technical documents, in the survey report and in the case the property is within a building, it's legal documents also.


We resume the 4 necessary steps a Personal Property Shopper can assist a buyer interested in buying a spanish property.

1. Interview the Purchaser.

 In the first interview, the purchaser states his necessities and requirements for their ideal home.

 Our expert real-estate agents will supply all the required information according to their needs.


2. Study the real estate offers.

 With the information facilitated in the previous meeting, the search begins for the ideal property for the buyer.

We analize all the properties on or off market belonging to private or public entities, including other estate agents.

We take a primary visit to make sure the properties comply with the buyers requirements and will show only those that meet their wishes.


3. Negotiations with the sellers.

 Once the buyers have seen all the propertied and have made a decission, the following steps will be taken.

  • A legal study of the property.
  • Check charges
  • The required documentation.
  • All the necessary steps to make sure the purchase is a good buy as well as a good investment.


4. Post Sale Services.

Once the purchase has gone through, we offer all types of technical and assesment post sale services.


Do you want to know in more detail the protocol purchasers should abide by?

From the 11th - 13th of May we will be at A Place In The Sun live 2018 Fair to offer our services to british buyers interested in buying a property in Spain.

If you want to join us on our stand at A Place In The Sun live 2018 (D1212), please leave your details to win invitations and we will be in contact with you to have a personal interview.

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