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Real Estate Buyer's Agent vs online real estate agency

In recent years the real estate sector has undergone a revolution that has introduced new, previously unknown characters to assist private individuals in their real estate transactions.

Two of these new businesses are online real estate agencies and  Real Estate Buyer's Agents.

If you’re looking for a home to buy and you don’t know who to choose to help you in this exciting but complex process, it’s in your interests to read this article.

What is an online real estate agency? 


It’s a platform that operates solely on the internet where you can carry out all your procedures digitally.

This doesn’t mean that the entire process will be digital, as there will need to be viewings and, for example, the deeds must be signed in person.

Agencies of this type sell themselves by saying they’re ideal for people with little time to spare or who are looking for their ideal home in the place they want.

Plus, this type of company usually offers a cheaper price.

However, in the majority of cases this isn’t really true. The online agencies only provide a small portion of the services a Personal Property Shopper can offer you.

What is a Real Estate Buyer's Agent? 


 Madrid Team

A Personal Property Shopper thinks about you - the buyer - and you alone, looks after your interests and has absolutely no interest in you purchasing one particular property.

A Real Estate Buyer's Agent doesn’t sell you a property, they help you buy what you need. Whether you’re making an investment, buying your first home, a holiday home or moving house, they always think about your needs.

A Personal Property Shopper has perfect knowledge of the area they operate in and that enables them to put all their knowledge, all their experience and all their expertise to work relentlessly to find what you’re looking for.

Now we’ve talked about what each real estate business consists of, but we’re sure you still have your doubts.

 Which service should i go for? 

The main virtue of an online real estate agency is that you avoid paying commissions. However, you’ll be alone during the entire purchase process.

A Personal Property Shopper is with you all through the process, you get to know the person who is going to manage the most important financial transactions of your life, visit the properties for you, carry out a technical inspection, go through the contracts and the deeds with a fine-toothed comb to ensure they’re well written before you sign them and help you with all the post-purchase formalities. 


Plus, the Personal Property Shopper knows the market they work in like the palm of their hand and this enables them to find properties that are not on the market and help you find the home you need.

Whereas online real estate agencies have a portfolio of properties and they will offer you what they have available depending on the answers you gave on the questionnaires you answered when you entered the website without really considering your needs.

If you’d like to know how we work, download one of our Successful Cases in Barcelona. We’re waiting for you!

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