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Property buyers

Our goal is to save the home buyer: time, money and hassle

Buyer's agents from Property Buyers are experts in our local real estate market, who work for and represent exclusively the buyer in a real estate purchase.

Buyers who hire a buyer agent get these 3 benefits:


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Saving time is the number one reason why people hire me to help them look for a property to buy in Madrid, and there are a number of ways I can make that happen:

  • During the searching and filtering phase: Instead of you having to spend hours upon hours sitting in front of the computer sifting through online advertisements, physically visiting real estate agencies, and walking around your desired neighbourhood, I do all that for you, so there is a huge time saving right there.
  • During the viewings: On average 7 out of 10 places that looked good on paper turn out to be disappointing when you view them. I visit all the properties that look good initially, but show you only the ones that are actually a good match for what you want.

    Finally, I save you a lot of time by taking care of all the bureaucracy and legal aspects.

    Because don’t you love spending time doing paperwork?

    If you want to know more about how I work, just give me a call!

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There is a question I get quite often from potential clients: if you’re charging me for the service, how can you say you will save me money?
The answer is very simple.
The biggest way I can save you money is by getting a better price for the property you're interested in.

We are expert negotiators, we know the market very well and can assess the true value of a property, so can very often get a lower price for for it then you had thought to offer, saving you two or three times what you pay for the service.

There is more. We can save you money by stopping you from making a costly mistake. Because we investigate the property before you buy it, we can make sure where are no legal issues or special assessments that can cost you a lot of money after you've become the owner.

Last but not least, we can also save you money by finding the absolute best conditions for your mortgage, should you need financing. A better interest rate means you’ll be saving a lot of money throughout the duration of the loan.

All in all, no matter what your initial budget is for the purchase, hiring me to help you find and buy the right property is a very sound investment.
If this sounds interesting, contact me for more details and for a free initial consultation.


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Purchasing a piece of real estate is a very important economic decision and there are several moments throughout the process where one can make a mistake. And unfortunately we all know someone who has had a bad experience with their purchase.

The most common pitfalls are:

  • falling victim of a scammer and losing money
  • problems with the home that no one told you about before buying
  • clauses in the contract that go against your interests.

There is a way to avoid all these problems. If you hire me as your personal shopper, you will have an expert in the local real estate market defending you and your interests alone.
By knowing the tricks of the trade I will make sure you’re not scammed. By investigating the property before you buy it, I make sure there are no problems with it. And by reviewing all legal documents before you sign them, I make sure you don’t sign anything that goes against your interests.

I will also make sure that the price you are paying for the property is the lowest obtainable.
For all these reasons, hiring a real estate personal shopper will not only save you time and money but also a lot of worries and hassle.

May I help you to buy a home in Madrid?

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