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Malaga: destination for big tech companies

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The most often-repeated words in recent times are “technological and digital transformation”.

In the last year we have witnessed how every single company in our country has had to adapt to new technologies, seeing as they have become fundamental for survival and growth.

And, if there is one city in Spain that is really getting its act together in this regard, it’s Malaga: a traditional sun-and-beach destination that for the last years has been betting heavily on training in new technologies, and that in the last month and a half has announced no less than five public and private initiatives that involve such important firms as Google, Vodafone or Telefonica.

Spanish Silicon Valley

No, we are not exaggerating. Malaga is fast becoming the Spanish Silicon Valley, as it is already home to 60 plus foreign companies, almost all of which are based at the Malaga Tech Park (Andalusian Technology Park).

For this very reason Google, Vodafone and Telefónica will also soon set foot in the city.

Why do companies choose Malaga?

Malaga is a very attractive place for many reasons, but without a doubt there are some that stand out:

  • Quality of life: living in a city with 300 days of sunshine a year is a luxury. But, in addition, living costs, safety and culture are also strengths that companies value.
  • The most highly valued infrastructures are the airport, the high-speed train and the port, followed by roads, logistics centres and industrial plots.
  • Innovation: companies value science and technology parks very highly. The availability of researchers and scientists, as well as government funding for private projects, is another plus point..
  • The easy adaptation of foreigners to local life and culture.

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The importance of counting on a Real Estate Personal Shopper when moving to another city or country

Keep in mind that starting a new life in a foreign place is never an easy task and can generate a lot of stress. More so when you may not know the local language, culture or customs... For this reason, our mission as Real Estate Personal Shoppers and as experts in relocation services (geographic mobility) is to make sure your transfer goes smoothly, stress- and worry-free.

Services we can provide

Our relocation services share the brand’s key pillars: saving our clients time, money and worries. 

  • We help you find the right home from 100% of the market offer. We don’t just search online; we also look for off-market opportunities.
  • We handle all the paperwork for you, whether you are moving from another city in Spain or from abroad.
  • We accompany you throughout the process so that you feel safe: you can ask any questions you may have, any time.
  • We help you feel welcome at the place where you are going to start living and working.
  • Our profound knowledge of the sector, our relationships and experience working with large companies mean that we don’t miss any details and make sure your transfer is done safely. 

If you are moving to Malaga to join one of the technology companies and you need help finding a home and managing all the necessary steps and procedures, our team in Malaga will be happy to help you with all your need.

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