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Live or invest in Valencia, the trendiest city!

Celia Ferrer

Pleased to greet you, my name is Celia Ferrer and I am a Real Estate Personal Shopper in Valencia. If you decide to hire me, together with my colleagues I will be the person who accompanies you in your project to buy property.

Why live or invest in Valencia?

  • Climate: Valencia has a mild and humid Mediterranean climate. The annual average temperature is 18ºC, and with 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s always pleasant.
  • Investment: compared to other European cities of similar sizes and features, Valencia stands out for its lower prices, making it a strategic city to invest in and obtain good returns.
  • International: there is an increasing number of people from many different countries who visit Valencia, fall in love with it and decide to move here to seek job opportunities, telework, study, or for the ever popular option of seeking a pleasant retirement with all the comforts.
  • Variety of neighbourhoods: in Valencia you can find the right neighbourhood to fit your lifestyle and budget; from trendy neighbourhoods such as Ruzafa, El Carmen or El Cabañal, to residential neighbourhoods such as Campanar, Penya Roja, or Mestalla.
  • Transport and infrastructure: there is a good transport system, both intracity with buses, bike lanes and subways, as intercity with the fast "Ave" train to Madrid, "Intercity" train to Barcelona and daily international flights to Milan, Paris, Amsterdam…
  • Gastronomy: Just as there are different neighbourhoods, there are also different leisure and gastronomy areas. These can be El Cabañal, Ruzafa, Mercado de Colón, or Mercado Central, Pinedo, where you will find typical Valencian dishes in a totally relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.
  • Culture: As a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, Valencia promotes culture and has numerous theatres, museums, cinemas, buildings and monuments that can be visited throughout the year.
  • The star of the show: Valencia has two million square meters or parks and gardens, among which the Turia Garden stands out as the city's “green lung” where you can walk and practice sport. In addition, we have close to 20 kilometres of beaches, all awarded with the European Blue Flag.
  • In summary: Valencia has a good climate, good gastronomy, comforts, services, highly profitable investments, cosmopolitan life, good connections, leisure activities, relaxation, quality of life, beaches, green areas, culture and so much more!
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What can I do for you as your real estate personal shopper?

  • A personal accompaniment from the very beginning and throughout your whole purchasing journey.
  • Personalized advice on the best areas, prices, mortgages, profitability, etc.
  • Searching and filtering of properties and areas.
  • Simplification of procedures.
  • Time savings.
  • Negotiation of the sale or rental prices and conditions.
  • Communication in Spanish, English, Italian and French.
  • After-sales services.
  • And at the end of the road…. a friend!


Why did I focus my career on real estate and on helping you, the buyer?

For professional reasons I had to move to Milan, in Italy, for several years; upon arriving to the city, due to my lack of knowledge of both the language and the areas where I could reside, I had to ask an acquaintance to succour me with all the paperwork, opening a bank account, registering the phone, selecting areas, finding and signing the rental agreement, etc.

Due to this experience, and later on due to many other occasions throughout my international professional experience when I had to rely on help from people residing in the countries where I was moving to for work, I decided to do the same here by making it so much easier for you to start your life or make your investment in Valencia.


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