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How can we keep working under lockdown?

How do real estate personal shoppers keep working when the whole country is under lockdown?

You might believe that in times of forced social isolation such as the one we are living right now, it is impossible to search for a house or apartment to buy, and much less hire a real estate personal shopper to help you with your purchase.

However, at Property Buyers by Somrie we used to working with clients who are not in Spain, and we can do many parts of the process without ever meeting in person.
Here are a few examples of technological tools and that we use on a daily basis and which can help you as well:


The relationship between a real estate personal shopper and his/her client is based on trust and communication; therefore it is important to keep the communication channels open and speak face-to-face.

However, instead of in-person meetings, we can arrange virtual interviews, or videoconferences, using the app that you feel most comfortable with.


Also to facilitate the exchange of information, we can upload documents, photos and videos to a cloud, so you can easily download and view them from the comfort of your home.

Nueva llamada a la acción


Okay -you might think-, but surely to sign a contract we need to meet in person, right?

Not necessarily! Digital signatures are available and accepted; we use a digital solution called Signaturit, which allows both parties to sign documents remotely, and has full legal validity. You could even sign the private purchase contract and pay a deposit for your chosen property, without going anywhere in person.


And what else can we do while the lockdown lasts?

Well, for example, we can find and guarantee the best financing options for you!

We work with a mortgage seeking a company called Hipoteca Primero (the name means “Mortgage First” in Spanish); you can digitally upload all the requested documentation, and they will get a binding offer for your mortgage from up to 7 different banks, before even starting your search.

This way, when we can start viewing properties again, you will be 100% certain of what your budget is, and you will be ready to jump on an opportunity and react quickly when the time comes, because you will know that your mortgage is guaranteed.


We also use the most advanced digital instruments for price evaluation purposes. Paid, professional tools such as Idealista Data or Trovimap use Big Data to determine the correct market price for any property you are interested in. This takes guesswork out of price evaluations, and is a good aid in negotiations!

As you can see, there are many ways we can keep working and moving closer to your goals, even in times of coronavirus.

Now is the time!!

Get in touch with us, and let us tell you how we could help you find the ideal house, or ideal apartment, or how to make the most profitable investment in real estate.

Written by Agnes Csomos, real estate personal shopper in Madrid.

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