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FAQs about the services offered by a real estate personal shopper

We would like you to get to know in detail how a real estate personal shopper can help you if you are in looking for property in Spain, and how we can help you find the best house or apartment to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Therefore we would like to answer any questions you might have, about our tariffs and the purchasing process itself.

Why do we ask you to commit your search only to us?

At Property Buyers by SOMRIE we will represent only you, the buyer, and since we work exclusively for you, we ask that it be a mutual commitment.

Is this service expensive?

We will include our tariffs in your global budget; they’re not something you have to pay on top. We will always strive to get the best deal within your budget by negotiating for you.

And what if I find the property myself; do I also have to pay?

If you already know what house you want to buy and don’t need that part of the service, we will not charge for it.

Although we do recommend that you hire us from the very start of the process, because searching for and filtering properties can be quite a daunting project.

Are you only going to show me things that are listed online?

No, between 10 and 20% of the properties can be things that haven’t been made public, and we are the first ones to know about them. In other words we are one step ahead and can really offer you 100% of what’s available.

At a real estate agency they offer the same service and don’t charge me for it.

A real estate agency doesn’t offer the same service as a real estate personal shopper because they are intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

A real estate personal shopper is your representative and only looks out for your best interests.

So what advantage does hiring a real estate personal shopper have over working with an estate agent?

  • We give you technical and legal assistance.
  • We save you time: we preview properties for you to weed out the ones that are no good, to show you only those that are really a good match for your needs, lifestyle and budget.
  • We save you money: we negotiate for you and only for you. And make sure you pay the optimal price, not a single euro more.


Will I have a single contact person?

Yes, you will always talk to the same person, who can advise you on most topics; and within our company we have an extensive enough structure to be able to answer all questions and channel the answers back to you through your single contact person.

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