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This is the various types you might be interested in. This is an ideal region where the natural beauty is still left in place with a lot of the areas protected, but are still accessible, the region of Murcia is the opportunity to become your own boss and start up your own business.

In some regions of Spain this type of business has suffered or not been able to even get started because of severe restrictions and must be taken into account that each region has its own legal requirements also. This is where our expertise will give you the correct advice as well as guiding you though the rules and regulation in place so to succeed in starting up your own Rural business in the Murcia region.

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As a personal shopper we research what properties and best location for you whether it is to start a rural guest house, camp site or any kind of business, using our expertise.

Let me tell you why Murcia is different, “it is known as the fruit bowl of Spain” with 4 growing season a year as well as being in its own micro climate. 

It has an historical past which is well worth visiting the region just to experience this.  From the archaeological digs unearthed, industrial and religious constructions across to the amazing, beaches, and landscapes, almond, olive, groves and the sweet smelling blossoms from the orange, and lemon  trees. 

Despite  the substantial change in the last 50 years the area still remains an important cultural and  natural agricultural producer of  quality fruit and vegetables in the booming foreign market, as  well as the growth of  the new tourist destinations, our new International airport, cruise ships, train system, new roads in place, (Motorway)  incredible beaches along the Mediterranean coast line, but also keeping the traditional Spanish  culture the Murcian pride themselves on.

Murcia is a region that offers guarantees to entrepreneurs, is an area of economic freedom, in which the regional government provides facilities for investors and entrepreneurs to settle and help to collaborate with the economic growth in Murcia. "We want companies to reach the region and stay as they contribute to the growth of the region and also generate of quality jobs."

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First, we must verify that the existing buildings in the Rustic Finca such as  (stables, pens, warehouses, sheds, barns and housing), are legalized from the urban point of view and that it is legally possible to add any accessory constructions you might need for your business. Including tents caravans wooden huts etc.…

 From the town hall, we request information on the aspects necessary to be able to apply for an opening license for such an activity.

This application must necessarily be accompanied by a technical project signed by a qualified professional (architects, technical architects, surveyors and Industrial technical engineers) to allow the corresponding reports to be issued that will differ according to the characteristics and size of the business (urban, industrial, sanitary, environmental or legal reports).

It is necessary to distinguish between a Rural House that must be rented complete, no allowing the rent of independent rooms, It can include common areas (If we include a swimming pool, depending on the autonomous region and the size of the pool,  we might  be obliged to hire a lifeguard), a Rural Hostel  (Hospedería), it is rented by rooms, it is obligatory the figure of the landlord or receptionist and we can served meals.


The new regulations establish the minimum service of breakfasts in the rural hotels and the complete maintenance in the inns, without the rural houses having any obligation in this direction. With respect to the number of beds, the Rural houses have a maximum of 16, the Rural Hotels of 50, while the Inns do not have limited the number of guests. 

According to the facilities, equipment and services, you get a scored. Depending on the points obtained they will be assigned a number of stars.  

According to the facilities, equipment and services, you get a score. Depending on the points obtained they will be assigned a number of stars.

Another option is rural accommodation, where agricultural, gastronomic, educational, environmental and tourist activities will be carried out.

The region of Murcia is an important producer of fruits, vegetables and flowers at both Spanish and European level. In the vegetable section of any supermarket in northern Europe you can see that many products bear the name of our companies.

 Include an animal farm and an organic garden where visitors can collect their own food.

  •  You can offer adventure sports: Bungee, Rafting, horseback riding, mountaineering, mountain biking, climbing, zip, canyoning, paragliding, …   or/and.
  • Activities of contemplation and observation of nature also known as ecotourism or ecological tourism: trekking, observation of fauna and flora, birdwatching (ornithology), nature workshops.

And let's not forget why it is called the Costa Cálida the winter sunshine coast, giving us that all year-round sunshine, which is why this is an excellent golf destination for all year-round golf as camping.

Therefore, we are your first choice as property buyers to guide.

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Buyers with less experience in this type of investment, offering an integral management service in which an expert agent who takes care of the advice on the purchase, conveyancing and processing, besides offering advice for your business idea, and guarantee the operation to go ahead with maximum security for the customer.

 For more information Katerin and Caroline (real estate Consultants) are at your disposal. We will be happy to help you and to be your Personal Real Estate Shopper. Property Buyers Murcia.

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