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Buying property on the barcelona coast can be thrilling but it should never be risky

Not everybody likes large, noisy cities. Sometimes they prefer to live in quieter, more relaxed places where they can form a family, or to be alone no worried, but  living closer to nature.

Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities to live. However, there are many nearby towns to live in which are linked to Barcelona city, which is where most residents in these areas work, by excellent public transport networks.

One of the best areas in Barcelona province is the Southern Coast of Barcelona (Castelldefels, Gavá or Sitges), located between the counties of Baix Llobregat and the  Garraf.

Luz Villa and Carmen Milagro, Buyer's Agents with more than 25 years' experience in the field of Real Estate and Registry Laws, explain why these are some of the best areas in Barcelona province to buy a home in.

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Q: Why do you think someone should buy a house in this area?

A: They're unbeatable places to live. Geographically speaking, you can't find a more privileged spot, with quick access to anywhere in the country.

Castelldefels and Gáva are very well linked to Barcelona by road (C-245, C-31 and C-32), plus they have train stations and bus routes as well as a specific line to El Prat International Airport 7 km away.

The province of Barcelona has sea, mountains, big cities, industry, technology innovation companies, the best universities and research and training centres. Castelldefels, in particular, is home to one of the University Campuses of Cataluña Polytechnic University where students study Engineering subjects such as telecommunications, agricultural sciences and aerospace. This is attracting a young population with a bright future to the town.

Moreover, as well as what we just mentioned, the most important thing is that the Baix Llobregat and Garraf are diverse communities, active and vibrant, with welcoming and sociable people and no end of cultural and leisure options. 

It's a unique place to live, but it is also a unique place to invest in for the buying power and the prospering and expanding economy, as Barcelona is a national and international decision centre for companies which also boasts one of the best climates in the world, the Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature of 16 degrees and 300 days of sunshine per year.

All of this boosts and adds value to the real estate market, making it a very attractive place to invest. Download our Buyer's Guide.

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q: Why is it a privileged place to live? 

A: Because having the beach nearby is a luxury, it brings another sense to life. It's wonderful to be able to go to the beach at any time, whether before going to work or after getting home each day. And of course, being able to wander along any of the 25 kilometres of beach that spread between  Gavá and Sitges, passing through Castelldefels, in your free time or to visit the charming village of El Garraf, and have dinner at one of the many beach bars or any of the hundreds of restaurants the area has with all sorts of gastronomic options on any night between May and October is delightful.

You can go surfing, play tennis or golf, either at a Pitch and Putt to learn, or for a full game of longer shots at the incredible Terramar de Sitges Golf Club, enjoy the Olympic Channel, cycle along more than 15 kilometres of sea front promenade or head for one of the three most important marinas in the country: Port Ginesta, Port d’Aiguadolç and Port de Garraf.

You can attend the many concerts and summer festivals or take long walks alone or with the family, for example in the marvellous Parc Natural del Garraf, and all without having to relinquish the possibility of spending the morning or the afternoon in the big city of Barcelona. Knowing that when you get home from a long journey the airport is just ten minutes from home is another huge bonus.

All of this is within reach of those who decide to live in any of the endless possibilities this area has to offer.

Q: As Buyer's Agents, what can you offer buying clients to help them find their dream home? 

A: Primarily four things:

  • Knowledge
  • Legal rigour  
  • Security
  • Agility in searching for properties in the market we know. 

Knowledge, which leads to saving time: we know the area we work in, Castelldefels, Gavá and Sitges, the Southern Barcelona Coast, and its specific real estate characteristics perfectly.


Our task is to know exactly what your requirements and possibilities are to allow us to filter and select a sufficient number of properties, out of which you can choose which ones you really want to view.

We know that the pages where thousands of properties are advertised are true robbers of time and in the majority of cases they don't match what we're really looking for. For this very reason, we're going to save you all that and focus on what really matches what you want, what you can buy and what you ought to buy. We have access to 100% of available properties, we don't have properties on portfolio so we search through everything out there, from private sellers, banks, professional lawyers' offices, execution procedures, even real estate websites and agents, to find each home.

Security and agility: our search is conditioned by professional factors rather than emotional ones, meaning we analyse what nobody sees and nobody says about a property. 

We know what happens in every neighbourhood, what services it will have to offer you such as the schools, gyms, shops and, most importantly, what your neighbours will be like. We even know which properties have the most damp because we know exactly where the sun comes up in each month of the year, which although it may seem obvious also plays an important role when it comes to choosing a home. 

Nor will we allow you to buy without first making sure you will be able to obtain any authorisations (either from the council or from the community or neighbours) to carry out the necessary work if your intention is to renovate or extend the property. Of course, once we've identified the property you're interested in, we will negotiate the price with the owner if we consider the property to be overvalued. 

Don't worry about a thing, just sign and save money: your time is worth money, and so is buying safely.

How many times have you heard of someone who bought a property because they fell in love with it, or they thought it would make a good investment, who then faced a thousand and one problems?

The real estate market is a sweet that everyone wants to taste, it’s full of people looking to make a great deal, but there is a lack of responsibility and reliability in many cases, few are true professionals.

Relying on a Buyer’s Agent provides you with the security of having a great team of professionals beside you who work solely and exclusively in your interests as the buyer. We’ll talk about financing if you need it, we’ll focus your expectations and we’ll direct you towards the best mortgage, or any other possible way of obtaining the money you need. There are more possibilities than you imagine for financing a purchase, beyond mortgages. It may be a private loan, exchange of properties if we own another home, or private financing which is an option that is once again present on the market as long as the necessary circumstances and guarantees are provided.

Difference: As opposed to other market agents, as Buyer's Agents we don't feel committed to anybody except our client.

As your Buyer's Agent we will actively search, with no other interests apart from helping you to buy the best property, or make the best investment, for your specific circumstances. 

We won’t receive fees from anyone except you, and the amount doesn’t depend on the final sale price, it is set for the services you wish to contract with us: from searching for the property to contracting services or carrying out renovations after the purchase or obtaining residence permits if you’re a foreign investor.

We are your unconditional companions and we’re at your service to offer you peace of mind and security for your purchase.

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