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Property buyers

As a personal Shopper this is an ideal opportunity to contact us where ever you are in Europe, America or other countries

Solutions| Buyer´s Agent in Murcia

We work for you exclusively, searching, finding, negotiating, and dealing with the legalities and technical issues, your ideal Home in Spain in the region of Murcia.

Once you have as a client signed up to us, we put the wheels in motion organizing the power of attorney  and applying for the NIE.

We also can arrange Residencia, so you can work from Spain

 We search  view  on your behalf, taking photos, virtual viewing and provide a report on  the pros and cons of the house based on our experience and your requirements, so by the time you are ready to come to Spain we have done all the hard work, you just pick your keys up.

  •  We have an architect report done which is covered within our fee.
  • We do all the signing at the Notary, complete, verbal translations of documents, paperwork checked and prepared for Notary, the contract of buying a property (ARRAS) as well all the name changes of the household bills, all included in our fee. 
  • Apply for NIE, power of attorney and open a bank account with you, all our services above included in our fee. 
  • We have an excellent legal team.

The Flat fee is not payable until completion of our commitment, in finding your property.

The benefits of using our service

  • Our joint experience in achieving your goal, finding your property.
  • You are saving money on a solicitor, which only covers the signing at notary and checking the property, s paperwork you are saving money on a survey and we´ll fight the price down covering this and more.
  • You don´t need to travel to buy if you are not able or you don´t want to come at this moment.
  • plus our expertise on the area and suitability.
  • As a personal shopper we represent you the buyer.

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