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Property buyers

Agents who only work for the buyer - Real Estate Buyer's Agent

We believe in a specialised service for people who want to buy a home.

We believe in a commitment that we can only offer one party during the purchase process.

We believe in the power of representing the buyer and defending their interests only, not in brokering.

That’s why we are specialists in buyer acquisition, applying the protocol with our clients.


And we also want real estate professionals to take a step forward in their business, opening up to new formulas and market options, working for and with the Buying Client.

That’s why we give Buyer Acquisition courses, both for new associates of Property Buyers by Somrie and for agents who are interested in developing this formula.

If you’re an agent and are interested in this method of working exclusively for buyers, we can organise a Course in your area together.

The course will be given by agents who already have a track record as Real Estate Buyer's Agent and are members of the AEPSI Association.

All the instructors work as Real Estate Buyer's Agent and have the American accreditation of the NAR, ABR (Accredited Buyers Representatives) so the training is based on what has been done for years in the USA, but adapted to the realities of the Spanish market from a practical vision of how to develop a career as a Real Estate Buyer's Agent.


Contents of the Buyer'S AGENT course:

- What is a  Real Estate Buyer's Agent?

- Which services does a Real Estate Buyer's Agen? provide?
• What do we offer the client? vs. What do we ask of the client?

- Reasoning to sell the Real Estate Buyer's Agent service, a service exclusively for the buyer:
• Positioning and commitments
• The client, origin, destination and Competitive Advantage
• The sales case for the Real Estate Buyer's Agent service

- Where is the client of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent service?

- How to segment to locate potential clients of the service.

- Fees for the Real Estate Buyer's Agent service

- The Real Estate Buyer's Agent contract

- Contents of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Service:
• Communication tools
• First interview with the client:

- Detect their needs, wishes and real situation.  
• Property search: property report.
• Property viewings.
• The decision-making chart.
• How to work round the client’s objections?
• Negotiation of the property purchase: How to establish strategy with our client.
• Closing the purchase

- Support in Complementary Services: technical, financial, legal.
• After Sales Service.

- Some figures of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Service.



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