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Property buyers

A real estate buyer's agent saves you 70% of viewings

Buying a property can be one of the most important decisions we make in our lives and knowing how long it will take to find their ideal home is a matter of concern for many buyers.

Spaniards view an average of 10 properties before choosing the one they will buy. This was revealed in a report drawn up by Alfa Inmobiliaria. Ten viewings may seem like a lot to find the home of our dreams, but it's still 25% less than 10 years ago.

Why has the number of viewings decreased?

Increasingly good images

Property owners know that lots of searches for properties are carried out on the Internet throughout the year. Real estate agencies also know this, and that it means that high quality photos are an essential requirement to sell.

Clients are increasingly more qualified

Thanks to technology and methodologies such as Inbound Marketing, real estate experts are able to have greater, more precise knowledge on each contact.

Client qualification leads to a shorter process, viewing only the properties that really meet their needs.

The new profession that saves you time and money

There's a professional in Spain who saves you the tedious task of viewing properties, the Real Estate Buyer's Agent.

A buyer's agent saves you 70% of the viewings that are carried out with a traditional real estate agent. Plus, they search through all the market offer to enable you to take less time to find the home you desire that meets your needs.

Once the formalities have been dealt with, this real estate expert gets to work:

  • They employ different methods to search for properties.
  • They visit the properties that meet the conditions they have set with you. 
  • And they present you with a document with a selection of the properties, from which you will choose only those you wish to view. 

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